“Women's Legacy: Our Cultural Heritage for Equity” is an European project that will make a decisive contribution to the inclusion of women protagonists in history and culture and their legacy in educational content. The five intellectual products made by the project team will be published in digital, accessible and free format, in order to facilitate and encourage the transmission in the classrooms of a complete and truly universal culture, with the aim of recovering the European cultural heritage and to help eradicate gender inequalities from the grass-roots.

Associated entities from Spain, Scotland, Lithuania and Italy, with funding from the European Erasmus+ program under the KA201 modality of Strategic Development and Innovation Associations, and led by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (Conselleria d’Educació, Cultura i Esport, in Valencian) of the Generalitat Valenciana, will develop:

A resource bank. With activities, indications and information about women and their works and contributions, classified by Secondary Education subjects and levels and adapted to the content defined in the legislation.

Three catalogues of works and fragments of works of female authorship: musical, literary and artistic.

A continuous training course on “The women missing in STEM”, aimed at future teachers of the master’s degree in secondary education (ESO) and secondary school teachers, as well as training advisory staff.

The project Women’s Legacy is coordinated by researcher and teacher Ana López-Navajas and aims to respond to a common European need: to recover women’s cultural contributions and include them in their rightful place in educational materials in order to recognize its role as the protagonists of culture and history and to restore their social value and the cultural heritage that has been hidden.


Offering didactic intervention tools that facilitate the inclusion of female references and their contributions to the European educational content. On the other hand, providing online, open and accessible resources that will serve to correct the androcentric view of the culture transmitted through educational systems.


Bringing about a decisive change in the transmission of culture in classrooms that restores the cultural and historical legacy of women and gives them the social prominence they have always had, with the aim of building a truly universal culture and contributing, from the grass-roots, to the eradication of gender inequalities.

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